Ray & Lorraine Logan:

Ray began his ministry in the SE MN area as the pastor of a local church, and Lorraine helped as a pastor's wife.  During that time they raised a family of seven and began a K-12 non-denominational Christian school.  It was Pastor Logan's burden to reach all people with the gospel of Jesus Christ which prompted the founding of KFSI radio. Finally after 33 years in the church ministry, they retired to be full time in the radio ministry with KFSI and the school.  God is blessing this unique ministry.  We Praise God for this dedicated couple and they give all Glory to God.

                                  Paul Logan:

Paul Logan has been with KFSI since the start.  Working with his father, Ray, he has been an important part of the growth of KFSI.  Besides leading the KFSI-sponsored summer Bible camp, Paul manages the day-to-day operations and helps with the on air work, interviews and public relations. 

                                  Mike Anderson:

Mike has been with KFSI since 1988.  Mike is responsible for many hours of programming, recording programs, updating the computer logs, on-air announcing, attending to the phones and many more tasks too numerous to mention.

                                   Kiah Logan:

Join Kiah Saturday Nights
A local program aimed at youth, youth groups and teens will air Saturday nights at 8:00 PM on KFSI.  This program is for youth, done by youth.  Featuring the latest music, talk, events, faith and more. Join Kiah from 8 - 10 PM Saturday on KFSI Radio.

"This show will always be evolving," says Kiah Logan, host of the show.  "What happens each week is determined by the youth and youth groups of the area."   Feedback will guide the show and KFSI would love to hear about your youth event, concerns, faith statements and general happenings.