Here are just a few of the life-changing "returns" made possible by the Lord's faithfulness and the generous "investments" of our supporters and underwriters.

"I began to listen to KFSI full time. I committed my life to Christ after hearing a message from Insight for Living. I am now praying for my son to do the same. He listens weekly to Sports Spectrum. This program is presently making an impact on his life."

"Thank you for your broadcast! I listen all the time...my kids...learned about Good music from you!"

"Thank you for...being a friend and sharing the message of salvation through Christ with your wonderful ministry of programs of KFSI."

"We so appreciate your broadcasting and how you can reach into the hearts of people as they go about their work."

"God bless you and thank you for all the work you do to keep KFSI on the air."

"Keeping your voice over the air waves is important to me. I depend on KFSI for news entirely."

"Words cannot express just how much you all mean to us! We listen to KFSI daily & the radio is nearly always on."

"I can honestly say our children, like us, are such better Christians because of the programming on KFSI...Our lives have been challenging but with your faithful broadcasting we are always mindful that God is sovereign."

"I praise God that through [Grace to You] I came to Christ...serving God is the number one priority in my life...my marriage is better than ever. God saved a young man on the way to hell, thinking he was on the fast track to heaven."